Unveiling the secrets of our cuisine

A place’s cuisine tells you a lot about the culture, the people. Mediterranean cuisine is made up of simple ingredients, it’s authentic and tasty and speaks of skilled hands and unique methods, the fruit of many years’ experience. The Mediterranean diet has always been recognised as one of the healthiest. Oil, wine, lots of vegetables, and lots of fish, these are the secrets of the dishes we serve.

Our restaurant ‘Dolce Vita’ is in an incredible location, on the top floor of our hotel with a breathtaking view over the sea. Here enjoyable, authentic cookery classes are held. The courses are in Salento cuisine and are given by our chef Mimmo Gioia. The lessons are held in groups of a maximum of 12 people, and whether they comprise Italians or visitors we guarantee you lots of fun and the chance to learn new recipes where you’ll discover all the secrets of our culinary tradition. To book just ask at Reception.

Good food is an unmissable part of our idea of a holiday, so for this reason our chef loves pampering our guests with a menu that not only looks excellent but is prepared with genuine, 0-km ingredients, fresh home-grown vegetables and fresh fish straight from the sea. After sea, sun, and fun on the beach a good meal is a must. So, we suggest you scrutinise our menu: you’ll soon see what we mean! Our ‘Pescatrice alla gallipolina with breadcrumbs and parsley’ tastes of the sunsets you see from our rooftop, cooled by the onshore breeze. Our ‘Paccheri di Gragnano’ on the other hand, tell the thousand-year-old story of women who knead and model flour and water that, as if by magic, turn into maccheroni in a thousand different shapes. And if you’re a fish lover, obviously you can’t miss our little gem, the purple Gallipoli shrimp that’s delicious even raw.
Our chef pays so much attention to the quality of the products he uses that every day that he goes daily to the local fishermen to choose the best fish. For this reason, for clients who particularly love fish, we also offer a personalised service – where we can obtain the fish that they like best.

The Mediterranean diet also lends itself to excellent vegetarian recipes: tomatoes, basil, courgettes and aubergines are never missing from our menu, neither are fresh cheeses like ricotta, mozzarella and cacio. On our menu you will also find lots of specialities that carry the scent of Salento and our sun-kissed lands.

Our wines too are selected with care to embellish every dish. Together with international wines, we also keep a selection from local producers. Speak to our sommelier Maurizio Valdieri, who is a master in matching wines to different dishes.